Increase web presence, brand awareness and most importantly qualified inbound leads.  No need to spend time looking for new leads, let them find you!

Pay Per Click Marketing

Build the right strategy with the right tools to ensure that all of your marketing efforts help you reach your business objectives.  Reach your market quicker and maximize exposure.

Web Design & Development

Rebuild your websites that don’t just appeal to your visitors, but are also an effective marketing tool to attract prospects and convert visitors into sales!

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We are a Google Partner Agency, and have managed diverse Google AdWords campaigns for our clients industries

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Our Approach

1. Research


Keyword research is one of the most important and valuable aspects of search engine marketing. We begin our research based on an analysis of your website’s content and the industry you are in. We compile a large list of keywords that we can target and narrow it down based on your business goals. It’s not just about getting visitors to your site, it’s about getting the right visitors to your site.


Any website ranked above you on a search engine is your competition. Our goal is to take their spot and generate you the leads and traffic. The competition analysis will help us find out what they are ranking for, traffic generated and even if they are utilizing other forms of paid advertising. Know what your competition is doing!


Search Engine Optimization requires significant research before starting. Understanding your business and the industry your business is in helps us generate you leads faster and more efficiently. Our Hamilton search engine optimization team has the experience and the skills to quickly find the terms that will drive traffic to your website.

2. Optimize

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is a centrally important factor in SEO, but it’s one that people tend to disregard. Our Hamilton digital marketing agency begins with a site audit that detects all the errors on your site.


These errors would include image titles, page titles, descriptions, and content, we then fix and optimize those errors to benefit your search engine rankings on an ongoing basis.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is the second major aspect of SEO. This off page work includes building relevant links to your website, generating qualified leads, visitors, and increasing your authority/trust on search engines.


This helps us in promoting your products and services while increasing your visibility and brand awareness to the public.


Our expert link-builders always pursue high quality links from reputable sources and never engage in any link-building activity that could impact negatively on your site.

Local Optimization

Local Optimization of your website is extremely important for generating local sales. We work to optimize your local web presence using Google Maps, citations and other products that will attract people from your community to your store. We have experience working with businesses looking for local digital marketing in Hamilton and in other cities, as well as firms working to promote local search for their franchises across the country.

3. Convert

Landing Pages

A landing page is designed to be a sales pitch, to give readers the information they are looking for and to convert them. With the right optimization and call-to-actions, we can increase your conversion rates and help you generate more sales online.

Call to Action

A call to action is the moment your website grabs the visitors attention and drives them to take action.
VivosWeb will implement a call to action for you in the best locations of your website, ensuring it’s highly visible and compelling. We are experts in ensuring that your call to action will attract visitors to contact you or purchase the product/service you offer. Anyone can generate website traffic, but not everyone can convert them!

Content Rewriting

Keyword optimized copy is centrally important to successfully attracting web searches for your products and services. Our writing staff can help you include the keywords in your page copy and HTML tags to help drive relevant searches to your site.

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